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Who We Are 

Have you ever thought of being in the race as a marathoner? Do you love everything about long-distance runners?

If yes, then this is a blog for you. Whatever country you stay, you will like and appreciate our insights on matters about distance running.

We give you tips, tricks, dos and don’ts in this field to a point you feel you are a marathoner.

As a spectator, we have something for you; our commentaries page is for you. What do you want to know about the marathon?

Talk to us, and we will keep you informed of everything to do with this sport.

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Talent Through Field

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Nurturing Talents

Our Programs 

As a non-profit making organization, our activities are geared towards empowerment and educational insights for professionals and novices in a marathon.

Empowerment on the importance of marathon

Sponsoring young marathoners to move to higher levels

Engaging physically-challenged people to try their hand in Paralympics

Identification of talent through field activities

Assessment of marathon training grounds

Connecting runners to specific training camps to talent nurturing

The benefits of Running a Marathon

The benefits of Running a Marathon

Would you ever consider running a marathon? It is one of the most difficult things to do. You have to train your body, mind, and soul for months in order to be ready for this feat. The benefits are worth it though! Running a marathon can help with weight loss and...

Benefits of Water Therapy to Marathoners

Benefits of Water Therapy to Marathoners

Water therapy (also referred to Hydrotherapy) is a form of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and alternative medicine. It entails water for treatment and pain relief. This program also helps to condition and strengthen muscles for flexibility in the joints. Both...

The Tumaini Children’s Home of Nyeri

The Tumaini Children’s Home of Nyeri

The Tumaini Children’s Home of Nyeri, Kenya began less than a decade ago as a small feeding program for local AIDS orphans. As more and more children began showing up in need of food, local elders realized that housing was also desperately needed. The Tumaini...

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