How Can Marathons Changes Lives : A Brief History

The Tumaini Children’s Home of Nyeri, Kenya began less than a decade ago as a small feeding program for local AIDS orphans. As more and more children began showing up in need of food, local elders realized that housing was also desperately needed.

The Tumaini Children’s Home now houses 188 children aged 6-22. These children live full-time in the orphanage and attend local primary and secondary schools. After graduating from secondary school, they then go on to attend two year colleges or four year universities. Another 40 local come into Tumaini for meals only on a daily basis, and do not live on the grounds. Tumaini has a number of excellent resources for the children and community members, including:

  • The computer center at the Tumaini Children’s Home is accredited in Kenya, and children as well as community members benefit from a range of computer classes.
  • The tailoring project employs local women to provide for the tailoring needs of the Tumaini children and to create goods to sell to visitors and community members.
  • The recent ground-breaking on a new vocational school will provide in-house vocational training opportunities to secondary school graduate at Tumaini. This is especially important given the rising costs of college and university tuition.
  • The brand new health clinic will serve the children and local community.
  • Hope Runs began at Tumaini Children’s Home and currently provides a host of on-the-ground programming and educational scholarships.


Just a few kilometers down the road from Tumaini Children’s Home in Nyeri, Kenya is a smaller orphanage for 60 children aged 6-22. Hope Runs programming – including Hope Runs athletic programming – expanded into Huruma in order to meet a clear need. Given its higher percentage of physically and mentally handicapped children, and higher number of newly arrived internally displaced emigrants, the Huruma Orphanage faces particular challenges.

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