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Who We Are 

Have you ever thought of being in the race as a marathoner? Do you love everything about long-distance runners?

If yes, then this is a blog for you. Whatever country you stay, you will like and appreciate our insights on matters about distance running.

We give you tips, tricks, dos and don’ts in this field to a point you feel you are a marathoner.

As a spectator, we have something for you; our commentaries page is for you. What do you want to know about the marathon?

Talk to us, and we will keep you informed of everything to do with this sport.

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Talent Through Field

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Nurturing Talents

Our Programs 

As a non-profit making organization, our activities are geared towards empowerment and educational insights for professionals and novices in a marathon.

Empowerment on the importance of marathon

Sponsoring young marathoners to move to higher levels

Engaging physically-challenged people to try their hand in Paralympics

Identification of talent through field activities

Assessment of marathon training grounds

Connecting runners to specific training camps to talent nurturing

Hope Runs Programs

Hope Runs Programs

Marathon opens your world as sports personnel. People have to know you too well to associate with you- celebrity title. We give you this chance by linking you with international media houses to air the marathons as a way of throwing you to the market. This is how we...

How Can Marathons Changes Lives

How Can Marathons Changes Lives

Hope Runs had its unlikely start at the end of the founders’ eight-month trip around the world in 2006. Travel weary, we (Claire Diaz-Ortiz and Lara Vogel) had settled into the Tumaini Children’s Home for the last stop of a 20-country tour, and–on the recommendation...

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