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Marathon opens your world as sports personnel. People have to know you too well to associate with you- celebrity title. We give you this chance by linking you with international media houses to air the marathons as a way of throwing you to the market. This is how we do it.          

  1. Improvement of physical health

We not only focus on the marathon for competition, but we also take part in advocacy and marathon runs to create awareness on whatever theme at hand.

 We keep you informed of any marathon activities in your hood for your participation. You only know of an event because somebody somewhere told you of the same.

 That is our role here. We want you to stay fit and physically healthy, and that’s the reason we don’t want you to miss any marathon runs on that excellent course.

  1. Supports proper emotional health

We sensitize people to try a marathon for fun for their emotional well being. It’s an activity that reduces stress, depression, and anxieties meaning you are someone full of life. As part of our mandate, we get to the details of the science behind achieving this tremendous emotional effect.

 Also, at the end of a tough marathon exercise, you get enough sleep which in turn improves your productivity. We have to make sure all our followers have all these benefits to enhance their general well being.

  1. Changes your standards of living

At Hope runs, we are here to empower and encourage you when the going gets tough in your journey as a marathoner. We get feedback from people who have left the training camps because of fatigue and discouragement. We are here to hold your hand through it all. We have to admit that it’s not a comfortable journey, but, with hard work and determination, you get to climb the ladder to greater height- that’s our vision. We engage the marathon trainers to guide novices through the process, for potential marathoners, we go the extra mile to give you tips to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Could you show me a poor marathoner? Who wants to maintain their standards of living, yet there are options for moving your income to higher levels?

  1. Broadens your social status

As we grow with you to an international state, we understand how hard it is to maintain your rank. We equip you with excellent financial and social management skills which come in handy to know how to keep the right name as an “international marathoner”. The primary reason why we encourage you to go through the training to its completion, it has rewarding benefits. Marathon helps you to broaden your social circle of friends. You never know what other deals you get from these “crucial” contacts.

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